Fast & Studious is developing a revolutionary tool that will allow you build a reliable and justified project planning much faster (2 orders of magnitude) than before.

Our approach allows comparing revisions and variants of your project, benchmark and manage lessons learns consistently.

It is collaborative and allows project teams to interact in real time on synchronized and consistent project information.



Finally a real planning tool!
Project planning is the most risky stage: it lasts only a fraction of the project duration, but it is where you commit the budget and make your results commitments. It therefore conditions the entire economy of the project.
However, there is no tool or method that helps you build the tasks of your project and their interfaces in a complete, coherent and reliable way, taking into account your resource and budget constraints.
We offer you a new process-based approach, validated by a college of experts and documented in a book published by AFNOR, to carry out this planning much faster, with much better quality and flexibility to adapt quickly to the vagaries of the project.
Project data structure
Our position in the project management tools market
Our positioning
The tools of the market are all centered and the creation stage, which is often complex and difficult, is left to the appreciation and experience of the players.
It is on the initial stages then the evolutions of the plan and the capitalization that we bring you a unique advantage.
Cases of application
  • Structuring your response to a call of tenders
  • Structuring your project at start-up and creating your planning
  • Reverse engineering of a project in difficulty
  • Structuring project data in the company as part of your digital transformation
  • Reflexion on project data and project digitalisation
 Our « Fast & Studious Smart Plan » solution
  • Design your project quickly and reliably from the processes you apply
  • Benefit from the help of our AI to automate the construction of the schedule and smooth out your loads
  • Rely on standard processes or reuse your process bases
  • Adapt the plan to your resource and budget constraints
  • Automatically create your project documents: product trees, WBS, planning, statement of work of suppliers
  • Export the plan to your monitoring tools
Fast & Studious, Focusing on a product activities
  • Drastic time saving, win from the first use!
  • Gain in quality as all data is consistent
  • Gantt export to planning tools
  • Proven and effective method to build your project
  • Solution adaptable to your practices 
  • Continuous improvement of project management in the company



Smart plannification based on process